natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Be Love main purpose is the animal welfare and protection. This is why our products stem from a small number of selected raw materials and effective and natural formulations, which are not harmful to the animals. Only with Be Love products your dog can always feel clean, protect, health and fragrant.

We select the ingredients in an accurate way, with the same love with which our dog looks at us. High quality products, the same the we too could use. Our dog is a real family member, that’s why it’s important to protect him.

Our products are entirely free from petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oils and their derivatives that form an occlusive film on the skin. They contain no ingredients of animal origins, parabens preservatives that are one of the main causes for allergic dermatitis. The only preservatives used are those for food use; parfumes are paraben-free.

Be Love products are highly effective being the result of a specific research aimed at solving skin and hair problems with solutions respectful of their nature. A complete line of products that meets the needs of your pet by softening, nourishing or calming the skin and the hair, even in case of anomalies or specific reactions.

Made in Italy

Be Love is an Italian company, headquartered in Milan. Thanks to its products, we carry on a Made in Italy idea that mixes search, technology, quality and guarantee towards consumers.

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